Terms & Conditions

Please read through our Terms & Conditions, set out by Leacott Trading, trading as Van Comrade. LEACOTT TRADING LTD T/As Van Comrade will be referred to throughout this document as LTL.

Date updated: 23/08/2021

1: Definitions
1.1: In this terms and conditions document the following definitions are listed below:

Working Day: a day (not including a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday).

Contract: The contract between LTL and the Customer for the sale and purchase of goods in accordance with these conditions.

The Customer: This is the person or business who has purchased the goods from LTL.

The Manufacturer: This is the person or company who manufacture the goods for LTL.

The Goods: This is the item or any part of the item which makes up the order.

The Order: This is the request made by the customer via the web site online and/or via orders obtained through an LTL representative.

Registered office: The Old Coastguard House, 11 Princes Way, Fleetwood, Lancashire. ENGLAND. FY78PG

Web Site: This is the web site found at www.vancomrade.co.uk

1.2 Contact Details
You can contact LTL at any time using the following:


The Old Coastguard House,
11 Princes Way,

Phone: 01253 609525
Email: sales@vancomrade.co.uk
Web: www.vancomrade.co.uk

1.3: In the conditions the following rules apply:

1.3.1: The term person refers to a living person, or a corporate or unincorporated company or body.

1.3.2: The word written also includes emails.

2: Contract
2.1: When you place an order via the web site and/or via orders obtained through an LTL representative, you are offering to purchase the goods sold by LTL in line and in accordance with the terms and conditions laid out by this document.

2.2: It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure all the details on the order are correct. Including the details of the order itself, company name, the customer’s name and the address details including the delivery address if different.

2.3: In the case of special bespoke/customised purchases. It is the responsibility of the customer to check and make sure that all measurements and information regarding the order given to LTL are correct and accurate.

2.4: The order shall be deemed accepted by LTL upon receiving the order through the web site and/or via orders obtained through an LTL representative. Unless informed otherwise the order will be processed and the customer will now be bound legally to the terms and conditions in this document.

2.5: LTL shall retain all details of your order in our administration system. This information can be requested by the customer at any time. Simply use the contact details above.

3: Product
3.1: The products sold by LTL are sold on the web site and/or via orders obtained through an LTL representative. Each products description and specification can be found on the View Product Tab or by clicking on each individual item.

3.2: All the measurements and the sizes are approximated.

3.3: LTL reserves the right to amend any price, size or description at any time.

4: Prices
4.1: The Prices of our goods are listed in Pound Sterling and are Inclusive of VAT.

4.2: The VAT charge on our prices will be visible on the invoice you receive with your goods.

4.3: VAT will be charged at the UK national rate. Unless otherwise stated.

5: Payment
5.1: Payment for goods to LTL must be made before the delivery of the goods.

5.2: Payment can be made via an international bank transfer and or credit/debit card.

5.3: Payments can also be made via a bank transfer to our UK account.

– Contact us for full payment details.

6: Delivery of Goods
6.1: Delivery of retail goods from LTL takes between 3-5 working days when goods are in stock.

6.1.2: Delivery of wholesale goods from LTL takes between 4-8 weeks depending on stock.

(Contact us for more information and accurate lead times for any wholesale enquiries prior to placing any order)

6.2: LTL cannot guarantee the delivery date under any circumstances. As such LTL cannot be held liable for any cost incurred to the customer if the delivery is delayed.

6.3: All goods will be delivered to the address supplied by the customer on any LTL order form.

6.4: Completion of the delivery of the goods occurs when the goods arrive at the delivery location.

6.5: Once the delivery of the goods has been completed the liability of loss and damage to the goods is the customers and not that of LTL.

6.6: In instances where the delivery of goods are delayed or there is a failure to deliver the goods, LTL is not liable for this delay or failure to deliver.

7: Refunds or Returns
A separate policy is available to view via our website for Refunds/Returns/Exchanges

8: Complaints
8.1: If you have any questions or queries over any part of the service that LTL provides then please contact us using the details above.

9: Online security
9.1: LTL has taken every step to ensure your online security. For further details, please see our Privacy Policy via our website.

10: Liability
10.1: LTL is not under any circumstance liable to the customer whether in contract or otherwise for any loss of profit or loss arising from connection with the contract.

10.2: LTL is excluded from liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

10.3: LTL shall not be held liable for not being able to meet their obligations under the contract due to events that are out of their control such as:

– Failure of transport networks
– Failure of power supply’s
– Wars
– Strikes
– International shipping delays
– Industrial disputes
– Riots
– Floods or fires
– Acts of god
– Natural disasters
– Default of subcontractors
– Default of manufacturers
– Default of suppliers
– Adverse or extreme weather
– COVID related delays

Warranty Period
LTL wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, if you are not satisfied then please contact us within 48 hours of delivery and inspection of your goods to arrange a return.

The warranty period of 12 months begins at the time of acceptance of delivery of the goods.

Warranty Cover
LTL’s warranty allows our customers to return ordered items unused and in their original packaging.

Excluded from warranty are products which:

Have slight traces of usage.

Shows damages that were not reasonable defects.

Has transport damage.

Are not returned in the original packaging.

If you choose to return your product to LTL please contact us using the contact details on our refunds/returns policy:

The delivery of goods back to LTL is the responsibility of the customer who in turn are also liable for all costs associated with this process. LTL will not be liable for organisation or payment of delivery of goods that are to be returned.

The return of special bespoke products is subject to approval by LTL. We reserve the right to refuse return of such items and retain full payment.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.